The I3 is an open consortium that includes companies, government entities, academic institutions, as well as individuals. Everyone is encouraged to join and contribute what they can to our efforts to develop an open IOT data infrastructure



The I3 Consortium is a functional organization working to create deliverables that serve a larger community of interest. Successful realization of the I3 vision requires that all members actively participate in the process. When an organization applies to join the I3 Consortium, they need to identify how they intend to contribute to the consortium.



The I3 Consortium is a lean, grass roots organization. We value contributions in the form of hardware, software, services, and even participatory labor but we also need money. Please consider making a financial contribution to the I3 effort. Your generous contribution allows us to accelerate our efforts to realize a vibrant and dynamic IOT world.

$500 suggested for Individual Members

$5,000 for Restricted Organizations

$20,000 or more for more Established Organizations

The I3 Consortium accepts in-kind contributions that may help it achieve its vision. These contributions might include hardware, software, services, development talent, or marketing support. The abilities of Consortium’s members vary widely so it is important for planning purposes that each member describes their expected contribution to the consortium each year. By telling the Consortium about your expected participation, we can better plan the Consortium’s activities.



The I3 Consortium asks its members to make an honest effort to participate in the I3 process throughout the year. Please click to acknowledge the following:

○  I and my company plan to be active members of the I3 Consortium.

○  I and my company understand that I3 core software is opensource that facilitates IOT data exchanges between proprietary IOT devices and applications.

○  We will respect the intellectual property of the other I3 consortium members and will give treat everyone with the professional respect they deserve.

○  I, on behalf of my company, understand and accept the I3 Consortium by-laws, membership agreement, and other operating guidelines.




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An overview of the i3 membership structure

The by-laws of the i3 Consortium