I3: The Intelligent IoT Integrator (I3)

The goal of the I3 system is to create IOT communities including smart cities, where device owners are an active part of the community. These IOT communities can link themselves together to create larger communities. Applications and data brokers access and provide value-added services to these IOT-based communities. The I3 consortium is an open public-private partnership working towards this goal.

The I3 Vision

The I3 system envisions a world where application developers can gain access to the myriad of sensors that others have deployed and connected to the network.

The I3 system envisions a world where sensor owners can take the initiative and deploy intelligent sensors in anticipation of an emerging and independent application market that will utilize their data for the benefit of its users.

Under the I3 vision, an IOT network will allow easy integration of different kinds of sensors from many different vendors to create an application support environment that advanced analytics to be developed and supported in a multivendor environment.

The I3 platform is envisioned to be the integrated information bus transporting all the data streams valuable to a community.