I3 Project

The I3 project is realized as a domain controller for each smart community. Instances of I3 can be deployed by government and business entities to support local, data-based ecosystems that:

Protect and manage access between applications and IoT domains
Allow for the sale of device data in an open data marketplace
Provide administrative support for a sustainable system based on local IoT data streams

I3 contains an active registry with a description of all the sensors, beacons, and applications visible to the system. This registry serves to allow applications to discover the wealth of IOT data that is available through that I3 node.

I3 simplifies IoT systems and supports privacy by limiting sensor access, and even visibility, to approved applications that have been approved through a managed negotiation process by the device owners. The system reduces complexity for software by providing a portal into a wealth of sensor detected information.

A key concept within I3 is that application development and sensor deployment should be independent market activities. Sensor owners should be incentivized to deploy sensors that make I3 attractive to independent application developers. Similarly, application developers should be able to access sensor data without deploying a dedicated, sensor-specific application. Developers should be able to acquire on-demand access to needed sensor data and sensor owners should be compensated based on the value of the data they produce. Effectively, I3 begins to evolve IOT systems from a siloed structure where IOT data is treated as an application support resource to one where data is treated as strategic access that can be leveraged for many purposes.