I3 frequently asked questions

What is i3?

The I3 consortium is an open consortium that was created to encourage the formation of community based IOT networks.  To do so, the consortium will 1) work with suppliers to create an environment that simplifies the testing and evaluation of IOT networking components, 2) build and evaluate concepts and tools needed to create and manage trust in a community of independent device owners, and 3) distribute software/information to encourage the common evolution and networking of IOT communities.

What does i3 stand for?

I3 stands for the Intelligent IOT Integrator.  I3 has been designed to serve an a vendor-independent data governance tool that sits between the IOT device and the IOT application that steers the many IOT traffic flows as defined by a series of independent IOT device owners.  

What are i3’s goals?

  • Integrate software from different sources to create a city-scale IOT test/demonstration system.
  • Create a test/demonstration system can prove functionality, provide operational testing, and generate market data needed to evaluate return on investment.
  • Expand our understanding of IOT marketplaces and privacy by evaluating concepts that encourage or inhibit the emergence of community data-rivers such as data ownership, incentives, and trust.
  • Build an open source deliverable from the core I3 software that can be distributed to other community based IOT data rivers to encourage systemic evolution from a common foundation.
  • Develop network functions need to allow different and independent I3 data rivers to interact and exchange data effectively an IOT data marketplace.
  • Stimulate IOT device deployment and data sharing by independent device owners by addressing security and privacy needs as a complement to an incentive and trust building system.
  • Provide application developers access to aggregated real time IOT data-rivers on an as needed basis.
  • Encourage increased application side use of data-rivers by AI systems, applications, and data brokers for more intelligent decision making.
  • Create a virtualized representation of the IOT device to a network infrastructure in order to isolate the devices with uncertain pedigree from damaging the network.

Who are the members of i3?

The I3 membership continues to grow over time.  The following companies volunteered to serve as the initial I3 Consortium Founders:



USC Marshall


City of Los Angeles


USC Viterbi





Orange Barrel

Traction Labs












Korea University

TU Wien




USC Facilities



USC Hospitality

How much does it cost to join i3?

The founding members of the I3 consortium wanted the consortium to be community driven development program that is open for contribution from as many people, companies, organizations as possible  There are different levels of participation that allow you to align your company’s needs with the needs of the I3 community. The higher level layers of membership allow the member company to fund their participation in the consortium through the contribution of hardware, software, or personnel.  

What level of I3 memberships is right for me?

  • If you are a student or an interested individual, you should consider the $250 membership
  • If you are a small startup with limited resources, you should consider the $2.5K membership
  • If you are a government, educational, or a non-profit entity, you should consider the $25K membership which gives your organization a voice at the I3 board meetings with full access as an observer and access to pre-release versions of the software.
  • If you are a company, you should consider the $250K membership.  This membership provides access to pre-release software and provides a voting seat on the board so you can shape the direction of I3
  • If you or your company wish to have high visible position in the I3 consortium as we strive to accelerate adoption of IOT technologies through the use of open, democratized, and incentive driven path, you should consider the $2.5M level of membership.

We are focused on realizing the vision of I3 and we accept that contributions in terms of time, labor, hardware, and software have value.  Our objective is to allow corporate memberships to fund up to 90% of their contribution through in-kind contributions and to allow .edu, .org, and .gov organizations to fund 100% in kind.  (Note: the permissible in-kind percentage value may change based on the objectives and needs of the consortium).